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Strange Sounds of Our Time

Scare easily? Here are the sounds without the spooky music:

The Bloop:
Some Hum recordings:
52-Hertz Whale:

Shove It Up Your Ear

Earbuds. Can’t live with them inside, can’t live without them outside our ear holes. Too loose of a fit and your neighbors can enjoy your tunes with you, too tight and you won't hear the screeching tires before you get pancaked (but maybe that's for the best).

Slate offers up some contenders and alternatives to the oft wax coated music transporters, including one that transmits sounds by vibrating your entire head. Some places (airlines, hotels) now give away free cheapies, but if you're willing to spend a few bucks you have lots of options:
  • ($37) Yurbuds - Guaranteed not to fall out (they screw into your ear)
  • ($60) Decibullz - Silicone custom fits
  • ($100) Aftershokz Bluez 2 - the head vibrator
  • ($150) EarHero - Used by skiers and secret service agents
Or if you've got money to burn like the audiologist they spoke with, you could go with the recommended custom-fitted "in-ear monitors" for a measly $750.

Original Article on Slate...

Boots n Cats

Drummer's Robot Arm Gives Him a 3rd Stick

Band May Sue Government for Using Music as Torture Device

Experimental electro-industrial Canadian band Skinny Puppy has sent the US Department of Defense a bill for $666,000 (an interesting choice of number) for allegedly using their music in Guantanamo Bay without permission.
The band at first planned to design an album cover based on an invoice for the U.S. government, rather than sending a physical invoice. But after learning that the government had allegedly used their music without permission, Key says the band was told it could bring a suit against the Department of Defense. “We sent them an invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge and used it as an actual weapon against somebody,”

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TheStig - Orchestral I


BACKDROP SILHOUETTE - Hey Sandy, Nice Cheeks


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Wrong chords on top of that (by More irritated)
Thanks, BA! I really have been away too long. (by Anonymous)
Hey @Da Tickler as you noticed we now support multi track ta... (by BA)
How do you know what all the different instrument codes are,... (by Da Tickler)
@Da Tickler No I don't have any classical training wish I do... (by marosi)
Lol ita not even eponas song. Its Zeldas lullaby. But thank ... (by Naomi)

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