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almnac added 4d Sting - Shape of guitar added


Anonymous added 1w POM 2 Songs - Rebirth (MIDI) guitar added


Anonymous added 1w Weeknd, The - Party Monster Piano added


slickrick updated 2w Royksopp - Skulls Piano updated


Anonymous updated 3w Terry Reid - Seed of memory Piano updated


Kevin Cook updated 6w Scottish Traditional - Aiken Drum Piano updated


Anonymous updated 8w Andrew Bird - Sovay Intro guitar updated

guest Raj said: 3d @Anonymous Your patience is rewarded my friend
on chemical brothers - saturate
guest Anonymous said: 4d @raj im still wating
on chemical brothers - saturate
guest Gman said: 3w @Piano.styles here's a handy chart with the letters on a piano
on Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination
guest Piano.styles said: 3w I don't know how to piano without the letters on the actual keys what can help me ??
on Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination
guest Willy said: 3w More like this. Please and thank you.
on Metallica - If You Enter Britney Spears
guest Jerry said: 3w Cool song bruh. Thanks for the memories!
on Terry Reid - Seed of memory
on Awolnation - Sail
guest Daniel said: 4w I play it on the chimes, pretty sure its the actual instrument it's played on.
on Futurama - Futurama Theme
BA said: 5w Thanks for the feedback, @Anonymous! I don't agree with your observations but I sincerely appreciate your honesty. Most people don't have the guts to say what they really think, and I actually want to hear negative feedback, as Elon Musk once stated - most people don't solicit it and it's incredibly helpful. Having said that, here's some helpful feedback for you: I think you think notation is easier than tabs because you already know how to read notation (an ability that's likely taken ...
on How to Read Tabs
guest Anonymous said: 5w I had never heard of "piano tab" until today when I found this. I gave it a fair read and here is my verdict: Why not just learn to read actual music? This is more complicated, not as concise, and way more visually confusing. Personally I think ABC, (which you don't mention at all) is way better, because it's instrument neutral. Complex timing would be very cumbersome in this system; it fails to visually depict the spatial relationship between the keys, and having no flats is theoretically...
on How to Read Tabs
guest David said: 6w Hans, thank you so so much! I got to see ARW last year in Brussels and they did this piece, and look you've had the sheet music here all along! Bless you for keeping it up!
on The Meeting - ABWH
guest bizz said: 12w I think they meant "Flare" not "Flarel", here's a vid -
on Could you perhaps get the keys to a song? Homestuck - Flarel?
guest alex said: 15w me gusta mucho,es epica y sencilla,ademas es de una de mis peliculas favoritas.
on Don Davis - Neodammerung
guest Mike Hove said: 16w I figured the E G G# to F G G#, quick enough. But what effect is used on the keyboard for those notes? Everything I have tried is close but not exact. Been bugging me for years.
on Whoop That Trick

R.I.P. Keyboard Cat, You Won't Be Furgotten

Sad news in the entertainment world...the impawsible has happened. Keyboard Cat, the purrfect mewsician, has used up all 9 lives. I'll see myself out. Play me off, keyboard cat.

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Our 61 key and 49 key versions are now up and running!
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Get that VR Garbage Outta Here

NAMM is Anaheim’s National Association of Music Merchants show which just finished featuring the newest coolest musical tech.

Yeah we never heard of it either. But don't worry, now that you know about it, you'll forget about it again by this time next year.

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