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NPR asks: What is original?

In the March 20th, 2015 episode of NPR's TED Radio hour, the common fallacies of originality and creativity are exposed. In DJ Mark Ronson's full TED talk below, he describes how we live in the post sampling era where music builds on what came before it:

Need a Good Band Name?

Jimmy Kimmel's South by Southwest prank interviews have you covered.

New Way To Compose: Imitone

Direct audio to midi conversion. Unfortunately this first beta version will set you back $25, but what a great concept:

More Site Updates: More Chaos, More Good Tabs

What...? Another site update so soon? That's right. Checkout our Damn Good Tabs to hear songs which just barely missed the Highest Rated cut but are still, you know, damn good. And just to mix things up a bit more, we've also implemented a new level of randomness on the ordering of songs on these and the Featured pages, giving you and your crew something new to listen to on every view.

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Muchacho - New Years


Bob Danski - Late Morning


Tab Adiciones
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Snoop - Vape (by Anonymous)
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
Krewella - alive (by xx)
Zelda - Intro Song eVa Remix (by eVa)
Tab Actualizaciones
Snoop - Vape (by Anonymous)
Zelda - Intro Song eVa Remix (by eVa)
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
this is jus plain wrong (by Churh110)
like love this songs; thumbs up x (by lara)
This is the original theme song (by hey)
I hope it's the right (by kp)
you beed to have so we can listen to it. (by Unknown)
I found this the easiest to learn with out using sheet music... (by ZeldaFan1934)

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