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Anonymous added 23h Classical - invent_1.mid Piano added

Michael Jackson added 2d Michael Jackson - Hollow electric guitar added

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Perfect Man updated 4d Perfect Man - Every Dog Has His Bitch electric guitar updated

Fiona O'Brian updated 5d Fiona O'Brian - Chaos electric guitar updated

Chief0 updated 5d Chief0 - Boycott Apple guitar updated

Lawrence rocks! Muze - Amuzed Piano Destacados

logan rocks! logan - first song guitar Destacados

WdFan said: 3d What key should it start on?
on Walking Dead Theme, The - Theme intro
hehe said: 3d Hi
on Auburn - Perfect Two
marosi said: 4d Ahh good ole prehistoric tabnabber
on simpsons, The - simpsons theme
marosi said: 4d Glad to see your still active!😀
on White Stripes - Apple Blossom (piano simplified) Hateful Eight Soundtrack
marosi said: 4d Has it really already been 4 years
on Zelda 2 - temple
Anonymous said: 4d @Me.. what would the time signature be?
on Hellogoodbye - Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn
Bart said: 4d @Tom You are absolutely wrong, tom.

on Simpsons, The - Happy Birthday Lisa
Chelsea said: 5d @Ryan Paul You don't work for Carrier do you? If you did you'd know that they STILL plan on moving 700 jobs from Huntington down to Mexico, AND your boy Trumpf is going to GIVE THEM MILLIONS in tax breaks! You Trumpets need to open your eyes.
on Donald Trump - The Greatest Song Ever Written
Ryan Paul said: 5d @Mike Pensive Aww another butt hurt Shillary supporter? Too bad for you Trump is bringing American jobs back and keeping them in America. Carrier anyone? Yeah that's right Trump is already making America Great Again and he isn't even president yet!
on Donald Trump - The Greatest Song Ever Written
Anonymous said: 6d really good
on legend of zelda - song of storms!!!
Anonymous said: 3w oh, sorry. I understood wrong. thank you so much!!
on Twenty One Pilots- Goner
MatthewMcCollum said: 3w Frankly I'm offended that you would say that people are offended by everything.
on comment
MatthewMcCollum said: 3w You can make a makeshift fade by controlling the volume of each track and gradually turning it up or down every so often.







on A Couple Ideas
Tris said: 3w That one IS for piano, i was just sayin I took a guitar tab and converted it to piano for ya
on Twenty One Pilots- Goner

Musicians Petition Obama on Behalf of Pipeline Protesters

"We are aware of the long and painful history between the US and its indigenous people. Know that the world’s eyes and the eyes of the music community are on you now as you continue to disregard the treaties you have with the Native American people and act barbarically towards them."

From a letter penned by Kate Nash and signed by over 120 musicians to petition President Obama regarding recent law enforcement actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Signees include Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Sia, Lykke Li, Kathleen Hanna, Karen O, Vic Mensa, Sky Ferreira, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Sleigh Bells, Jack Antonoff, Tegan and Sara, Ben Gibbard, Pussy Riot, Santigold, Moby, Liz Phair, Deerhoof, Against Me!, Shirley Manson, and many more.

Google's AI Song

From the Verge:

Google's art machine (the Magenta program) did beat Sony to the punch, it created its own song using AI (Artificial intelligence).

Provided with just four notes up front, the trained neural network generated this masterpiece.

Drums and orchestration were added for emphasis after the fact.

Site Update: Big League Changes

We're gonna make TabNabber great again.

Change is here!

I'm not talking about goldilocks up there though. Who knows what - if any - changes will come from the next president. We're talking about an upgraded engine that runs the site, improved reliability and a more mobile TabNabber!

With any changes there's bound to be a few bugs, if you encounter any weirdness please let us know and we'll get all over it. Drop us a note! Tell us how much you love (or hate) the new look and keep those ideas coming in!

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