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 Cavemen Rejoice - The Bags
[created 11/2/2007]
YouTubeZz Flame076122by: Zz Flame
11 years ago
 do you have tabs for these?
[created 3/22/2008]
YouTubezuup091112by: zuup
10 years ago
 Transitory-After Forever
[created 10/17/2008]
YouTubezokom0144764by: zokom
10 years ago
 Madeline - Tickle Me Pink (guitar tab)
[created 12/15/2008]
YouTubeZoee073852by: Zoee
9 years ago
 Eric Carmen - All by myself.
[created 3/4/2008]
YouTubeZodiark0118543by: Zodiark
10 years ago
 Love Song By Sara Bareilles
[created 1/21/2008]
YouTubezip-e-dee-doo-dah180742by: Kaid
9 years ago
 So Much Love- The Rocket Summer
[created 1/9/2008]
YouTubezip-e-dee-doo-dah0141313by: zip-e-dee-doo-dah
10 years ago
 You Are The Music In Me- High School Musical
[created 12/16/2007]
YouTubezip-e-dee-doo-dah285562by: Hi
10 years ago
[created 7/18/2010]
YouTubeZINDAGI1107393by: Param
6 years ago
 Snoop Dogg feat Dr. Dre - Imagine
[created 9/7/2007]
YouTubeZero1103962by: atownes
11 years ago
 The Script- Hall of Fame
[created 11/13/2012]
YouTubeZayt Syroninn063063by: Zayt Syroninn
6 years ago
 Iron Maiden- Brave New World (guitar)
[created 11/13/2012]
YouTubeZayt Syroninn066403by: Zayt Syroninn
6 years ago
 Shinedown- Call Me
[created 12/24/2012]
YouTubeZayt Syroninn065823by: Zayt Syroninn
6 years ago
 highways of my life - isley brothers
[created 11/26/2007]
YouTubezaraangela0195255by: zaraangela
11 years ago
 Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile
[created 6/15/2008]
YouTubezackysaur179832by: zackysaur
10 years ago
 Forever The Sickest Kids - She's A Lady
[created 6/15/2008]
YouTubezackysaur171652by: zackysaur
10 years ago
 skyhighstandard - nevershoutnever
[created 10/23/2009]
YouTubezackattack!173952by: noise77
9 years ago
 Untouched by The Veronicas
[created 1/8/2009]
YouTubeZach0123853by: Zach
9 years ago
 Bryan Adams-sound the bugle now
[created 8/29/2007]
YouTubezach0175284by: zach
11 years ago
 Gavin Degraw - I Dont't Wanna Be
[created 10/18/2009]
YouTubezaayid0106853by: zaayid
9 years ago
 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Apologies
[created 9/28/2009]
YouTubezaayid1156165by: zaayid
9 years ago
 Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
[created 10/16/2007]
YouTubeYvette2115573by: poo head
7 years ago
 AeroSmith/Blues Brothers
[created 10/25/2008]
YouTubeyuval1234411087972by: yuval1234411
10 years ago
 please dont ask me by john farnham
[created 4/16/2008]
YouTubeYumi0125363by: Yumi
10 years ago
 Falling - Lacuna Coil
[created 6/2/2008]
YouTubeYukika076762by: Yukika
10 years ago
[created 8/6/2007]
YouTubeyuity1144683by: godem
10 years ago
 guitar songs with piano accompaniment
[created 9/12/2008]
YouTubeYubitsume072152by: Yubitsume
10 years ago
[created 10/11/2006]
YouTubeypu183342by: Kaid
9 years ago
 jack white - trash tongue talker
[created 6/18/2012]
YouTubeyoyofriendly360090334by: yoyofriendly360
6 years ago
 The GazettE - People Error
[created 1/11/2008]
YouTubeyoyishi0169814by: yoyishi
10 years ago
 Love Remains the same
[created 10/29/2008]
YouTubeyoungengaged16099983by: youngengaged16
10 years ago
 Tabs for..
[created 2/16/2007]
YouTubeyoungengaged16278392by: youngengaged16
11 years ago
[created 2/12/2007]
YouTubeyoungengaged16085902by: youngengaged16
11 years ago
 Piano/Guitar Tab
[created 2/9/2007]
YouTubeyoungengaged16080522by: youngengaged16
11 years ago
 The Wreckers
[created 2/15/2007]
YouTubeyoungengaged160106182by: youngengaged16
11 years ago
 John Mayer
[created 2/7/2007]
YouTubeyoungengaged16178132by: Kaid
9 years ago
 John Linnell-"The Other Father Song"
[created 2/8/2009]
YouTubeyou-are-reading-this182212by: Sebastian Wolff
9 years ago
 What A Fool Believes- The Doobie Brothers
[created 10/31/2007]
YouTubeyooo1125963by: guitarero2
4 years ago
[created 2/4/2007]
YouTubeYomama178342by: WasabiPea
11 years ago
 sweet victory
[created 6/18/2006]
YouTubeyemi olanbiwonnu7251015by: alvaro
7 years ago
 Gary Jules - Mad world
[created 1/12/2008]
YouTubeyellowlemontree184382by: poyzondedge098
8 years ago
 At The Drive-In - Non-Zero Possibility
[created 4/7/2008]
YouTubeYeah1134363by: Waddie
8 years ago
 lynyrd skynard-freebird keyboard part
[created 10/20/2007]
YouTubeyankeesfan0133003by: yankeesfan
11 years ago
 Eagles - Last Resort
[created 7/2/2008]
YouTubeyanitskic197613by: Ray Scheidler
10 years ago
[created 10/3/2008]
YouTubeYamL0120673by: YamL
10 years ago
 Eluvium - Radio Ballet, Genius and the Thieves, and more
[created 2/24/2008]
YouTubeYamdiddle1154294by: fabrice
9 years ago
 God Or Julie- Nothing Further From The Truth
[created 1/24/2009]
YouTubexxstrawberryxgashesxx070562by: xxstrawberryxgashesxx
9 years ago
 Rage Against The Machine;(RATM) - Killing In The Name Of
[created 1/16/2011]
YouTubeXxPianoGodxX086573by: XxPianoGodxX
7 years ago
 Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Witho
[created 3/5/2007]
YouTubeXxDanceToThisBeatxX180772by: Kaid
9 years ago
 kate voegele-kindly unspoken
[created 6/24/2008]
YouTubexxdamntrishaxx175222by: aaaaaaaaaaaa
10 years ago

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