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El tabs de más alta clasificación de todo tiempo El tabs de más alta clasificación de todo tiempo
Artist - Song 04:34:27.1489562TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoSteppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride - MIDIDa Tickler
418.3154 years ago
#2PianoZZ Top - La GrangeEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
316.7449 years ago
#3PianoRihanna - UnfaithfulUnknown
Tab Master
214.2648 years ago
#4PianoDoctor Who - Rose's ThemeFish&Custard
219.7288 years ago
#5PianoTouhou Project - Flowering Night (Night of Nights)AXiMe
210.0875 years ago
#6PianoAlice In Wonderland - Alice In WonderlandKristine48.63810 years ago
#7bassGazettE, The - Filth In The BeautyAn.
Pro Tabber
38.9677 years ago
#8PianoLegend of Zelda Twilight Princess, The - Hyrule Fieldwerety
922.0355 years ago
#9Pianofinal fantasy vii - advent children mainsorry38.3019 years ago

#10PianoUnknown Artist - Unknown (Help me find out!)Cybris
Tab Master
510.6926 years ago
#11PianoGary Glitters - Rock N RollGuillotineDrummer
46.13410 years ago
#12PianoRandy Rhoads - DeeZach210.97411 years ago
#13PianoChiodos - Bulls have horns introKrishtalyn27.84410 years ago
#14PianoT.I. ft. Justin Timberlake - Dead and GoneBlair26.1737 years ago
#15Pianopenny tai - ni yao de aieh eh cute232.63911 years ago
#16PianoGeorge Michael - Careless Whisperpjschro
Pro Tabber
417.6577 years ago
#17PianoMayday Parade - One man drinking gamesKatelyn29.9817 years ago
#18PianoMaroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera (Whole Song)marosi
28.3385 years ago
#19PianoLilium - Elfen Lied (BOTH HANDS)Arno
Pro Tabber
311.3559 years ago
#20PianoCarol Of The Bells - Carol Of The Bellskaytringoesrawr
New Tabber
215.4539 years ago
#21PianoRed Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - Cat and Mousesurrealtraversity
New Tabber
316.6659 years ago
#22PianoBrad Breek - Gravity FallsAnonymous26.5575 years ago
#23Pianobizzle - Cable Car, Over My Head (Fray Cover)bizzle
345.2666 years ago
#24PianoKoji Kondo - Clock Town Day OneFAIL
Pro Tabber
44.7455 years ago
#25PianoChicken dance - Chicken danceneila
226.0973 years ago
#26PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 16 - MIDIDa Tickler
119.2714 years ago
#27PianoM3 - This Song Is About How Everything Repeats EventuallyMatthewMcCollum
85.3091 year ago
#28PianoJewel - SatisfiedJessica218.3758 years ago
#29guitarSam AG - Test 1Sam32.7903 years ago
#30Pianotheme - MASHgallo
Pro Tabber
318.10610 years ago
#31PianoGladiator - Honor HimGenocidex
213.42710 years ago
#32PianoV&B - Waltz for AriahFangy12323.2783 years ago
#33PianoCure, The - Just Like HeavenYo
Pro Tabber
229.85911 years ago
#34PianoMike Anderson - I'd Say Anything To Know Your PlansAnonymous217.1055 years ago
#35PianoAkon - Sorry, Blame it on MeAsh38.88910 years ago
#36PianoKe$ha - Your Love Is My DrugRobert_S_Cada
228.9857 years ago
#37PianoBob Wilson - RepublicratAnonymous28.1444 years ago
#38guitarPlayRadioPlay! - Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be JealousBrandonAdkins
212.91610 years ago
#39PianoPapa Wings - Practice TabPapa Wings
28.3031 year ago
#40PianoSpringsteen, Bruce - Because The Night - MIDIDa Tickler
518.1974 years ago
#41PianoBachman Turner Overdrive - Takin' Care of Businessteeowe
Tab Guru
39.7947 years ago
#42PianoGuess Who - American Woman - MIDIDa Tickler
311.5044 years ago
#43PianoSpongebob - Spongebob ending versionEra
New Tabber
214.6968 years ago
#44PianoVanessa Carlton - Who's to saySteph313.25011 years ago
#45PianoBeatles - All My Loving - MIDIDa Tickler
517.5423 years ago
#46PianoTesla - Love SongCHRIS SUT27.1319 years ago
#47PianoMika - Grace Kellynikos8
227.83710 years ago
#48PianoSeanlos - Doctor Who (Uncompleted)Seanlos
23.1443 years ago
#49PianoWolfmother - Joker and the Thiefeug3n3
Tab Master
420.5559 years ago
#50PianoDisney Parks - Grim, Grinning GhostsMatthewMcCollum
54.9313 years ago
#51guitarEddie Vedder - GuaranteedJustin219.1638 years ago
#52PianoBon Jovi - I'd Die For You Introasianboy2468
New Tabber
28.7409 years ago
#53PianoArcade Fire - Crown of Loveloclown331.32511 years ago
#54PianoAuburn - Perfect TwoCheeseBurger
325.4226 years ago
#55PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Song of Timedragmire
Tab Master
332.9976 years ago
#56PianoDragonForce - Through the Fire and FlamesEXero
Tab Guru
412.5007 years ago
#57Pianochiodos - intensity in ten cities SHEET MUSIC, 99 PERCENT CORRECTI_am_Billiam
522.4148 years ago
#58PianoLil' jon - Lovers and friendseasy225.52011 years ago
#59PianoBach - Minuet in G minor BWV Ahn. 115IPtiga
Tab Guru
212.6266 years ago
#60PianoChicago - Saturday in the Parkteeowe
Tab Guru
222.6468 years ago
#61PianoBach - Prelude in C minor BWV 999IPtiga
Tab Guru
29.2986 years ago
#62PianoCream - Sunshine of Your Loveawesomedude
New Tabber
27.48410 years ago
#63PianoParamore - Pressureconfuzzled243
Pro Tabber
323.86510 years ago
#64PianoThis Izma house - the house songIzma26.0363 years ago
#65PianoPhil Collins - Against All OddsBlazer
245.3039 years ago
#66Pianoslippy - frog legsslippy
Tab Master
310.4286 years ago
#67PianoCarly Rae Jepsen - Call Me MaybeTheStig
313.3696 years ago
#68PianoAlfred newman - 20th century fox fanfarenotessia
314.1447 years ago
#69Pianometalica - fade to blackmariano
Pro Tabber
45.2905 years ago
#70guitarabner - lol i had to write this for corospondince.Abner
New Tabber
27.0727 years ago
#71PianoBeethoven - Dead MarchBA
28.8125 years ago
#72PianoHeart - Alone - MIDIDa Tickler
616.5304 years ago
#73PianoCowboy Bebop - Goodnight JuliaJJ211.50810 years ago
#74PianoDresden Dolls - Slidesyvelocin
Pro Tabber
56.4137 years ago
#75PianoZakk Wylde - Whiter Shade of PaleAnonymous212.84811 years ago
#76Piano30 Seconds to mars - The KillElliot 023
Tab Master
310.6436 years ago
#77PianoEmarosa - A City Called Coma Pt IItabber dude
28.1729 years ago
#78PianoBreathe Electric - Libbytabnabber
New Tabber
29.5889 years ago
#79PianoWhite Stripes, The - My DoorbellPunkDude248.28912 years ago
#80guitarSufjan Stevens - John Wayne Gacy, Jr.Anonymous24.8724 years ago
#81PianoRatatat - ImperialsWasabiPea
Tab Guru
313.3298 years ago
#82Pianoslickrick - Children's Story - Winter is Comingslickrick
517.5062 years ago
#83PianoJohns, Sammy - Chevy Van - MIDIDa Tickler
39.5614 years ago
#84PianoA-Ha - Take on me (intro)Zydax518.32110 years ago
#85PianoNirvana - Sliver (intro)Nirvana_fan25.7256 years ago
#86PianoSuper Mario - Music Speed Up (Out of Time) Sound Effectslickrick
22.94412 months ago
#87PianoCafferty, John - On The Dark Side - MIDIDa Tickler
533.6074 years ago
#88PianoColdplay - YellowMarzipanAlbatross
425.1389 years ago
#89PianoFightstar - FloodsAszrielle
New Tabber
26.88210 years ago
#90PianoEminem - Like Toy Soldierstabber dude
527.8179 years ago
#91PianoHarry Potter - Harry & Hermione (From HP and the Half-Blood Prince)Rachygirl
Tab Master
520.5367 years ago
#92PianoGuns n' Roses - Estranged (chords + solos)Anonymous233.1847 years ago
#93Pianobirthday massacre, The - bluegallo
Pro Tabber
211.36110 years ago
#94guitaraaron - forwork6607aaron21.39710 months ago
#95PianoJames Bond - James Bond ThemeUnknown
Tab Master
615.7008 years ago
#96PianoBeatles - Twist And Shout - MIDIDa Tickler
618.5244 years ago
#97PianoDisturbed - darknessschnid boi
New Tabber
212.95110 years ago
#98PianoBeatles, The - BirthdayEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
420.6968 years ago
#99PianoD4L - Laffy taffyeasy216.54911 years ago
#100PianoM3 - Commute (Never Again!)MatthewMcCollum
116.5593 years ago

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