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Chord Root:
C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab A A# Bb B
Chord Name:
GbGb MajorGbmaj
GbM7Gb Major 7thGbmaj7
GbmGb MinorGbmin
Gbm6Gb Minor 6th
Gbm7Gb Minor 7th
Gbm9Gb Minor 9th
Gb Minor 13th
Gbsus2Gb Suspended 2nd
Gbsus4Gb Suspended 4th
Gb dim
Gb dim7
GbM7add13Gb Major 7th add 13
GbM9Gb Major 9
GbM11Gb Major 11th
GbM13Gb Major 13th
Gbm11Gb Minor 11th
GbmM7Gb Minor Major 7th
Gb Minor Major 9
Gb Minor Major 11
Gb Minor Major 13
Gb(9)Gb Add 9
Gbm(9)Gb Minor add 9
Gb6(9)Gb 6 add 9
Gbm6(9)Gb Minor 6th add 9
Gb Dominant 7th add 11
Gb Major 7th add 11
Gb Minor 7th add 11
Gb Minor Major 7th add 11
Gb7Gb Dominant 7th
Gb Dominant 7th add 13
Gb Minor 7th add 13
Gb Minor Major 7th add 13
Gb 7b5
Gb 7#5
Gb 9#11
Gb 9b13
Gb Major 7th Sus4
Gb Major 9 Sus4

Chord: Gb Major


    = Chord Root (Gb)
    = Chord Notes (Bb, Db)
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