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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: Ellen^^

T|  Verse 1:
A|  [CmCm
]          [GG
]/B B|   Situations are irrelevant now N|  [G#G#
] A|   She loves the way that I tease B|  [GmGm
] B|   I love the way that she breathes E|  [CmCm
] R|   I touched her ooh, she touched .|     [GG
]/B C|  my ahhh, it was the craziest thing O|  [G#G#
] M|   I love the girls who hate to -|  [GmGm
] T|  love because they're just like me A|  [CmCm
] B|   [AA
] certain girl she took my N|  [GG
]/B A|  hand and ran it up her thigh B|  [G#G#
] B|   She licked her lips and pulled E|     [GmGm
] R|  my hair, I fall in love for a night .|   C|   O|  Refrain: M|  [FmFm
]               [GmGm
] -|   She can't behave and T|              [G#G#
] A|  I'm just a slave B|                      [BbBb
] N|  don't worry I'll be gone A|                   [GG
]/B B|  when the morning comes B|   E|   R|  Chorus: .|  [CmCm
]        [GG
]/B C|   Darling what is going on? O|  [G#G#
] M|  Honestly that never happened -|  [GmGm
]            [GG
]/B T|  Lying is your favorite passion A|  [CmCm
]          [GG
]/B B|   Leave me, go where you belong N|  [G#G#
] A|  Higher heels and lipstick napkins B|  [GmGm
]            [GG
]/B B|  dying is your latest fashion E|   R|   .|  Verse 2: C|  Cm(hold)        [GG
]/B O|   The frustration it's a regular thing M|  [G#G#
] -|   I hate the ones who love to T|  [GmGm
]                  [GG
]/B A|  ate because they're just like me B|  [CmCm
] N|   [AA
] certain girl she took her A|  [GG
]/B B|  hand and put it in my lap B|  [G#G#
] E|   It's way too... she said once R|  [GmGm
]                 [GG
]/B .|  you have me you'll always come back C|   O|   M|  (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) -|   T|   A|  Bridge: B|  [G#G#
]           [FmFm
] N|   I know you love to resist A|             [CmCm
] B|  and all it takes is a kiss B|               [GmGm
] E|  and you just love to hate me R|  [G#G#
]             [FmFm
] .|   You know you love all the lies C|     [CmCm
] O|  so don't act surprised M|              [GmGm
] -|  that I just love to hate you T|   A|   B|  Verse 3: N|  [CmCm
] A|   I kissed your lips you pulled B|     [GG
]/B B|  my hair it was the craziest thing E|  [G#G#
]                             Gm(hold) R|   I love the girls who love to hate .|  (Ronnie Moaning) C|   O|   M|  (Repeat Chorus twice) -|   T|   A|  
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Comments / Corrections (1):


(9 years ago)
Woow , i loved it !
Thanx a lot ! <3


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