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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: steve
T|  key: C
B|  [D#mD#m
] [B7B7
]/A [D#D#
] [EE
] [F#F#
] N|  (piano-solo on black keys) A|   B|      [BB
]              [D#mD#m
] B|  The silicon chip inside her head    E|       [EE
]               [F#F#
] R|  Gets switched to overload .|      [BB
]                    [D#mD#m
] C|  And nobody's gonna go to school today, O|              [EE
]                 [F#F#
] M|  She's gonna make them stay at home, -|       [EE
]                 [F#F#
] T|  And Daddy doesn't understand it, A|            [BB
]                    [EE
] B|  He always said she was good as gold, N|             [EE
] A|  And he can see no reasons B|            [EE
] B|  Cos there are no reasons E|       [EE
]                        [F#F#
] R|  What reason do you need to be shown .|   C|          [BB
]               [D#mD#m
]/A# O|  Tell me why I don't like Mondays, M|          [EE
]/G#             [F#F#
] -|  Tell me why I don't like Mondays, T|          [BB
]               [D#mD#m
]/A# A|  Tell me why I don't like Mondays, B|          [EE
]                    [F#F#
] N|  I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo - oo - oot A|                [BB
] B|  The whole day down. B|   E|  [D#mD#m
] [EE
] [F#F#
] R|   .|      [BB
]               [D#mD#m
] C|  The Telex machine is kept so clean O|         [EE
]                  [F#F#
] M|  And it types to a waiting world, -|      [BB
] T|  And Mother feels so shocked A|          [D#mD#m
] B|  Father's world is rocked, N|            [EE
] A|  And their thoughts turn to B|        [F#F#
] B|  Their own little girl. E|  [EE
]                        [F#F#
] R|  Sweet sixteen ain't that peachy keen, .|         [BB
]                  [EE
] C|  No, it ain't so neat to admit defeat, O|          [EE
] M|  They can see no reasons -|            [EE
] T|  Cos there are no reasons A|       [EE
]              [F#F#
] B|  What reasons do you need N|   A|  Tell me why I don't like mondays B|  Tell me why I don't like mondays B|  Tell me why I don't like mondays E|  I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo - oo - oot R|                 D#sus4                        [B7B7
]/A .|  The whole day down, down, down, shoot it all down... C|   O|  D#sus4 [EE
] [F#F#
] [BB
] M|  (piano-solo on black keys) -|   T|              [BB
]                        [D#mD#m
] A|  And all the playing's stopped in the playground now B|      [EE
]                      [F#F#
] N|  She wants to play with her toys a while, A|      [BB
]                      [D#mD#m
] B|  And school's out early and soon we'll be learning B|          [EE
]               [F#F#
] E|  And the lesson today is how-to-die. R|               [EE
] .|  And then the bullhorn crackles, C|          [F#F#
] O|  And the captain tackles, M|          [BB
]                          [EE
] -|  With the problems and the how's and why's T|             [EE
] A|  And he can see no reasons B|            [EE
] N|  Cos there are no reasons A|       [EE
]                     [F#F#
] B|  what reason do you need to die B|   E|   R|  Tell me why I don't like mondays .|  Tell me why I don't like mondays C|  Tell me why I don't like mondays O|  I wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo - oo - oot M|                 [BB
]      -|  The whole day down. T|   A|  [D#mD#m
] [EE
] [F#F#
] [BB
] B|  
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(6 years ago)



(7 years ago)
PLEASE put in standard piano tab format!!


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