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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: jobros
], [GG
], [FF
], [AmAm
], [GG
] x2   (Ring all, after the piano intro.) A|   B|  VERSE: N|  [CC
] A|  Time was still B|  [GG
]                     [FF
] B|  The sun, would never, never find us E|       [AmAm
]     [GG
] R|  We could light up .|  [CC
] C|  The sky, tonight O|  [GG
]                    [FF
] M|  I could see the world through your eyes -|       [AmAm
]     [GG
] T|  Leave it all behind A|   B|  CHORUS: N|  [CC
] A|  If it's you and me, forever B|  [GG
] B|  If it's you and me, right now E|                [FF
] R|  That'd be alright .|        [AmAm
] [GG
] C|  Be alright O|  [CC
] M|  Chasing stars to losing shadow -|  [GG
]                             [FF
] T|  Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine A|               [AmAm
]       [GG
] B|  So won't you fly with me N|   A|  POST-CHORUS: B|  [CC
]          [GG
] B|   Oh Yeah E|                 [FF
]      [AmAm
] [GG
] R|  Gotta fly with me now .|   C|  VERSE: O|  [CC
]               [GG
] M|  Now the past can come alive -|              [FF
] T|  And give it meaning A|         [AmAm
] [GG
] B|  And a reason N|  [FF
]              [AmAm
] A|  To give all I can B|  [FF
]               [GG
] B|  To believe once again E|   R|  CHORUS: .|  [CC
] C|  If it's you and me forever O|  [GG
] M|  If it's you and me right now -|             [FF
] T|  That'd be alright A|        [AmAm
] [GG
] B|  Be alright N|  [CC
] A|  Chasing stars to losing shadow B|  [GG
]                                 [FF
] B|  Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine E|                 [AmAm
]     [GG
] R|  So won't you fly with me .|   C|  BRIDGE: O|  [CC
]                      [GG
] M|  Maybe you were just afraid -|                            [FF
] T|  Knowing you were miles away A|                             [AmAm
]      [GG
] B|  From the place where you needed to be N|               [AmAm
]            [GG
] A|  And thats right here with me B|   B|  CHORUS (Ring all chords): E|  [CC
] R|  It's you and me forever .|  [GG
] C|  You and me right now O|              [FF
]    [AmAm
]   [GG
] M|  I'd be alright -|  [DD
] T|  Chasing stars to losing shadow A|  [AA
]                                [GG
] B|  Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine N|                [BmBm
]      [AA
] A|  So won't you fly with me B|   B|  SOLO: E|  [DD
] [AA
] [GG
] [BmBm
] [AA
] R|   .|  CHORUS: C|  [DD
] O|  If it's you and me, forever M|  [AA
] -|  If it's you and me, right now T|                [GG
] A|  I'd be alright B|     [BmBm
] [AA
] N|  Be alright A|  [DD
] B|  Chasing stars to losing shadows B|  [AA
]                             [GG
] E|  Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine R|               [BmBm
] [AA
] .|  So won't you fly C|   O|  OUTRO: M|  [BmBm
] [AA
] -|  Fly T|  [BmBm
] [AA
] A|  Fly with me
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