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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: WasabiPea

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A|  [CC
] / [EmEm
] / [AmAm
] / [GG
] / [FF
] B|   N|  (VERSE 1) A|          [CC
]               [EmEm
] B|  4|e-----e-----e-----e----- B|  4|g-----g-----g-----g----- E|  4|c-----c-----c-----c----- R|  3|---g-----g-----g-----g-- .|  3|---c-----c-----c-----c-- C|  Oh I was perfect, For the circus O|         [AmAm
]        [GG
]      [FF
] M|  If she did me, I do it, Love makes you stupid -|   [CC
]                             [EmEm
] T|  I gave it up, But I guess it was not enough A|            [AmAm
]           [GG
]    [FF
]     [GG
] B|  Cause she never seemed satisfied      N|      [FF
] A|  (Oohh) B|   B|  (CHORUS)    E|   [FF
]            [CC
]                               [GG
] R|  I know I'm not perfect, But at the end of the day .|      [AmAm
]    [GG
] C|  Who is ? O|      [FF
] M|  (Oohh) -|             [FF
]             [CC
]                      T|  She wanted someone thats perfect A|         [GG
]                           [AmAm
]    [GG
] B|  Well Okay, But can you tell me Who is ? N|      [FF
]     [GG
]     [AmAm
] A|  (Oohh x2) B|   B|  (Verse 2) E|      [CC
]                  [EmEm
] R|  She set the bar, Just above the stars .|   [AmAm
]              [GG
]               [FF
] C|  [AA
] rocket couldn't reach it, But I still kept on reaching O|      [CC
]                          [EmEm
] M|  She watched me try, At least a thousand times -|         [AmAm
]              [GG
]           [FF
]    [GG
] T|  If she loved me, She'd stop me But noo A|      [FF
] B|  (Oohh) N|   A|  (Chorus) B|   B|  (BRIDGE) E|  [FF
]                 [EE
] R|   I saw something worth my future .|  [CC
]      [GG
]      [AmAm
]     [GG
] C|   So wrong So wrong O|  [FF
]                  [EE
] M|   In my mind I was the reason -|        [CC
]        [GG
]     [AmAm
]     [GG
] T|  But i guess I wasn't wrong A|          B|      [FF
]        N|  (Oohh) A|   B|  (Chorus) B|  
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