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Piano Tab, Acordes

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T|  Here are the chords to Matches by The Format.  When you play a C 
A|  the bass notes are cbab and when you play an F the bass notes 
B|  are fede.  Listen to the song and you will figure it out really 
N|  fast.  The G chords and the F that follows are just one-hits.
B|  Intro: C
E|  C
R|  Ashes to ashes
.|  Some dust on the dash
C|  I've got my cigarettes
O|         F
M|  but I can't find the fire
-|                    C
T|  that's calming me down
B|  I was just out on a night with my friends
N|  You are still out on a night
A|  with your friends
B|                   F
B|  and you don't seem to tire
E|               C
R|  when I'm not around
C|  G             F
O|  I'm under the tunnel
M|                 C
-|  I'm holding my breath
A|  C
B|  I searched every pocket
N|  that hung in the closet
A|  'til I found some matches
B|  in a brown leather jacket
B|             F
E|  One I swore I've never worn
R|                        C
.|  but it once kept you warm
O|  G           F
M|  Do you remember
-|                      C
T|  we made love on the floor
B|  F
N|  and you still haven't called
A|                                              C
B|  So I'll wait 'til they're closing the bars
E|  G              F
R|  I made a wish
.|                       C
C|  but the match never lit

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