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Guitar Tab, Acordes

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by: Anonymous
T|  [BB
]            [F#F#
]           [EE
] A|   One day when I came home at lunchtime, B|  [EE
]        [F#F#
] N|   I heard a funny noise. A|  [BB
]               [F#F#
]           [EE
] B|   Went out to the back yard to find out B|          [EE
]            [F#F#
] E|  if it was one of those rowdy boys. R|  [BB
]                   [F#F#
]              [EE
] .|   Stood there with my neighbor called Peter, C|        [EE
]    [F#F#
] O|   and a Flux Capacitor. M|   -|   T|  Pre-Chorus: A|   B|  [G#G#
]                    [F#F#
] N|   He told me he built a time machine. A|                [EE
] B|   Like one in a film I've seen, B|   E|   yeah... he said... R|   .|   C|  [BB
]               [F#F#
]      [EE
]    [EE
] O|   I've been to the year 3000 M|      [F#F#
]       [BB
]               [F#F#
]          [EE
]     [EE
] -|   not much has changed but they lived under water. T|     [F#F#
]    [BB
]           [F#F#
]          [EE
]          [EE
]    A|   And your great great great grand daughter, B|     [F#F#
]    [BB
]        [F#F#
]     [EE
] N|   is doing fine (doooing fine). A|   B|  Verse 2 (same as Verse 1) B|   E|   He took me to the future in the flux thing, and I saw everything. R|   Boy bands, and another one and another one ... and another one! .|   And girls there with round hair, like Star Wars. They float above the floor C|   O|  Pre-Chorus M|   -|  Chorus T|   A|  Bridge is the same chords and rhythm as the Chorus. B|   N|  Bridge: A|   B|   I took a trip to the year 3000. B|   This song had gone multi-platinum. E|   Everybody bought our 7th album. R|   It had outsold Kelly Clarkson. .|   I took a trip to the year 3000. C|   This song had gone multi-platinum. O|   Everybody bought our 7th album, 7th album, 7th album. M|   -|  Pre-Chorus T|   A|  Chorus 4 more times. B|   N|  
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admins i need this song on a flute


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