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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: slickrick

T|  Artist Name: Keane
A|  Song Name  : Hamburg Song
B|  ==========================================================
A|  <<<<  The Chords  >>>>>
B|  For chord definitions check the piano chord dictionary.
B|  inv means the chord is inverted (see the chord dict)
](inv) [DD
] C|   O|  VERSE 1: M|   -|   [GG
]               [DD
]               [CC
] T|   I don't wanna be adored.. Don't wanna be first in line A|                 [GG
]           [GG
]                    [DD
]    B|   Or make myself heard .. I'd like to bring a little light N|                 [CC
]                            [GG
]     A|   Shine a light on your live.. To make you feel loved B|   B|   E|  PRE-CHORUS: R|   .|   [CC
]                    [GG
]               [CC
] C|   No... don't wanna be the only one you know O|                 [DD
] M|   I wanna be the place you call home -|   T|   A|  CHORUS: B|      N|     [GG
]    [DD
] [CC
]   [AmAm
] A|   I lay myself down B|      [GG
]    [DD
]     [CC
]               [GG
] B|   To make it so..   But you don't want to know E|       [GG
]       [DD
] R|   I'd give much more .|        [CC
]      [GG
] C|   Than I'd ever ask for O|   M|   -|  BRIDGE: T|   A|   [Gsus2Gsus2
](inv) [DD
](inv) [DD
] B|   N|   A|  VERSE 2: B|   B|   [GG
]                    [DD
] E|   Will you see me in the end? R|                   [CC
] .|   Or is it just a waste of time C|                   [GG
] O|   Trying to be your friend M|      -|   [GG
] T|   Shine, shine, shine A|                 [DD
] B|   Shine a little light N|                 [CC
] A|   Shine a light on my life B|                   [GG
] B|   And warm me up again E|   R|  PRE-CHORUS: .|   C|   [CC
]                    [GG
]                 [CC
] O|   Fool, I wonder if you know yourself at all M|                          [DD
] -|   You know that it could be so simple T|   A|   B|  CHORUS: N|      A|     [GG
]    [DD
] [CC
] [AmAm
] B|   I lay myself down B|      [GG
]    [DD
]     [CC
]               [GG
]       E|   To make it so..   But you don't want to know R|       [GG
]       [DD
] .|   You take much more C|        [CC
]      [GG
] O|   Than I'd ever ask for M|   -|   T|  PIANO SOLO: A|   B|  4|g----F#---b----a---| N|   A|   [EbEb
]                    [DD
] B|  4|---------d--D#-g--A#-a--F#----------e-----d---| B|  3|A#-g--A#--------------------------------------| E|   R|   [EbEb
]                   [DD
]     .|  4|---------d--D#-g--A#-a--F#----------e-----d---| C|  3|A#-g--A#--------------------------------------| O|   M|  5|c-----------------------c--------------------------------------| -|  4|-------b--g--d-----d------------b--g--d-----d--e--e--d-----d---|    T|   A|  5|c--------------------------------| B|  4|--------b--g--d---d--d--d--d--d--| N|   A|   B|  PRE-CHORUS: B|   E|   [CC
]           [GG
]                  [CC
] R|   Say a word or two to brighten my day .|                              [DD
] C|   Do you think that we could see your way? O|   M|  CHORUS: -|   T|     [GG
] [DD
]   [CC
]   [AmAm
] To lay yourself down A|      [GG
]    [DD
]     [CC
]               [GG
]       B|   And make it so..   But you don't want to know N|       [GG
]       [DD
] A|   You take much more B|        [CC
]      [GG
] [DD
] [CC
] [GG
] B|   Than I'd ever ask for
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Comments / Corrections (1):


(10 years ago)
Great tab dude for a great song, u made it really simple to learn


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