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10 years ago
Singer:Knoxville TN 3773 views  


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i play drums as good as piano but i sing horrible   so if ur around K-Town plz reply

10 years ago
eug3n3 - Highest Rated
Da Tickler


183 Posts
I'm glad to see Eugene (er… uh… 'eug3n3') is finally getting some recognition. I suggest eveyone check out most of his tabs for real high quality, original tabbing. In particular, check out his 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. It is head & shoulders above the one in the #5 spot on the highest rated list. Although he doesn't have that many tabs (18), I propose to ADMIN that he be elevated to 'Tabbenator' based on the fact that he submits nothing but the highest quality, original tabs. Maybe that'll motivate him to finishing some of the already GREAT tabs he's got, and be more prolific. This guy definitely knows his s#%t.

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