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Songs Tabbed by Tunder:
Artist - Song 26/11/2022 5:18:50Last Updated
PianoAlien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal ( intro )13 years ago
PianoBob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind13 years ago
PianoBob Dylan - Blowin' in the wind ( backwards edition )13 years ago
Pianococa-cola - coca-cola tune13 years ago
PianoDragonforce - Through the fire and flames ( piano start )13 years ago
guitarEagles, The - Hotel California ( Chords )13 years ago
guitarEdvard Grieg - Hall Of The Mountain King ( Guitar Edition )13 years ago
PianoEric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight13 years ago
Pianofolk song - Mary Had A Little Lamb13 years ago

guitarLed Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven ( correct )13 years ago
guitarmyself - Bass riff13 years ago
PianoRigby - one song ( piano )9 years ago
PianoSmash Mouth - All Star (main riff)13 years ago
Pianotest test - test don't watch it!!! this is my secret test ta...13 years ago
PianoTunder - My Song 0113 years ago
PianoTunder - My Song 0213 years ago
electric guitarTunder - song 311 years ago
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