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Perfect Pitch Not So Perfect?

According to a study at the University of Chicago, those with absolute - or perfect - pitch aren't so perfect after all, as they are unable to detect gradual changes in pitch while listening to music. And "when tested afterward...thought notes made out of tune at the end of a song were in tune, while notes that were in tune at the beginning sounded out of tune."

Those with perfect pitch have the ability to accurately identify a note simply by hearing it, or at least they think they do. Many famous composers were in possession of the skill, and many perfect pitch possessors can reproduce songs simply by listening to them.
The study showed that exposure to music influences how people identify notes from their sound, rather than having a rare, absolute ability at an early age. The research also demonstrates the malleability of the brain—that abilities thought to be stable late in life can change with even a small amount of experience and learning...This is further evidence of how adaptable even the adult mind is for learning new skills. We are finding out more and more about how our brains are equipped to learn new things at any age and not limited by abilities previously thought to be available only from the time of birth.

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