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Bloc Party



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Chords:        eadgbe        320033 G        x32033 Cadd9        xx0233 Dsus4        022033 Em7 Verse:       G            Cadd9 Heavy night it was a heavy night               Em7                        Cadd9 Feels like we come back from the dead       G           Cadd9 Heavy night it was a heavy night              Em7               Cadd9 I cannot remember what I said to anyone            Em7                  Cadd9 If we get up now we can catch the afternoon                   Em7               Cadd9 Watch the under 15s playing football in the park               Em7                         Cadd9 Let's sit in St. Leonards in this alcoholic day                          Em7            Cadd9 we're doing the best with what we've got Chorus:                           Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7     I love you in the morning ,       G                        Cadd9     Dsus4      Em7 When you're still hung-over       G                   Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7         I love you in the morning,       G                          Cadd9    Dsus4      Em7 When you're still strung out,       G I love you in the morning, Verse:       G                     Cadd9 I work hard all week and so do you              Em7                   Cadd9         We deserve to let off some steam       G               Cadd9          Less orthodox creeping            Em7                  Cadd9         We need to rage through this life               Em7                    Cadd9         There might be ones that are smarter than you              Em7                         Cadd9 That have the right answers that wear better shoes            Em7             Cadd9         Forget about those melting ice caps                         Em7            Cadd9 We're doing the best with what we've got Chorus:                           Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7     I love you in the morning ,       G                        Cadd9     Dsus4      Em7 When you're still hung-over       G                   Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7         I love you in the morning,       G                          Cadd9    Dsus4      Em7     G When you're still strung out, Middle (chords are optional):              Cadd9    Dsus4  Em7             G  With you I am calm a pearl in your oyster                    Cadd9          Dsus4            Em7          G Head on my chest a silent smile, a private kind of happiness                 Cadd9       Dsus4       Em7      G You see giant proclamations are all very well                 Cadd9       G                      But our love                         Em7        e-7-7-7-7-8-8-8-8-          is louder than words Outro: Cadd9 Dsus4 Em7       G                   Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7         I love you in the morning       G                   Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7         I love you in the morning       G                   Cadd9      Dsus4      Em7         I love you in the morning
***This sheet has been trimmed, the maximum 2 line limit was reached.***

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