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Piano Tab, Acordes

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by: isaytears

Could not find the specified song.12202.txt
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Comments (2)



6 years ago
@isaytears What a sad and touching story, thank you for sharing it. I wish I knew why these songs didn't get saved correctly. If you'd like us to fix these, just reply or send us an email at



10 years ago
This was written by a very talented someone whom I loved who never got to live to write any more songs. He was in several bands, lived around Bristol in the Uk and was an artist aswell as a singer/songwriter, commiting suicide aged 21 after his girlfriend died of a drugs overdose in 2005. No-one, not even he never knew how much i loved him and yes, this won't bring him back and these songs,although, they are sadly too plagued by the troubles he had to go through, still seem like raw, honest music in my opinion.This particular song 'snow', i'll be submitting lyrics to soon ..
I hope that this will be a way of preserving Ed's memory, if only in some small way.
I hope, if only in some small way some strangers will stumble on it and without even knowing him, say ' Hey, that's not too bad!' and maybe spare a thought for a guy who, you can believe me, was really special. For a life that was lost too soon.
If anyone who stumbles on this ever wants to know more about him, you can google... there's a website and he's on Myspace too...
All the great ones die young.
Think James Dean.


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