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by: Anonymous
T|  Artist Name: dan fogelberg
A|  Song Name  : same old lang syne
B|  ==========================================================
N|  Tabbed By  : Anonymous
A|    Intro:     [CC
] [AmAm
] [CC
] [AmAm
]    B|       [CC
] [AmAm
] [D7D7
]/F# [FF
] [GG
]    B|   E|   R|   [CC
]                        [AmAm
] .|  Met my old lover in a grocery store C|   [CC
]                                [AmAm
] O|  The snow was falling Christmas eve M|   [CC
]                            [AmAm
] -|  I stole behind her in the frozen foods T|          [D7D7
]/F#               [Fm7Fm7
] [GG
] A|  And I touched her on her sleeve B|   [CC
]                          [AmAm
] N|  She didn't recognize the face at first A|   [CC
]                            [AmAm
] B|  But then her eye flew open wide B|   [CC
]                             [AmAm
] E|  She went to hug me and she spilled her purse R|            [D7D7
]              [Fm7Fm7
] [GG
] .|  And we laughed until we cried. C|   O|   M|  Interlude: Do intro chords -|   T|   A|   [CC
]                                [AmAm
] B|  She took her groc'ries to the check out stand N|   [CC
]                             [AmAm
] A|  The food was totaled up and bagged B|   [CC
]                             [AmAm
] B|  We stood there lost in our embarrassment E|             [D7D7
]           [Fm7Fm7
]   [GG
] R|  As the conversation dragged .|   [CC
]                          [AmAm
] C|  Went to have ourselves a drink or two O|   [CC
]                           [AmAm
] M|  But couldn't find and open bar -|   [CC
]                           [AmAm
] T|  Bought a six pack at the liquor store A|          [D7D7
]            [Fm7Fm7
] [GG
] B|  And we drank it in her car. N|   A|   B|  Refrain: B|  [AmAm
]                      [FF
] E|  We drank a toast to innocence R|       [GG
]              [AmAm
] .|  We drank a toast to now C|  [AmAm
]                               [FF
] O|  We tried to reach beyond the emptiness M|        [GG
] -|  But neither one knew how. T|   A|   B|       (2nd Verse Chords N|  She said she married her an architect A|  Who kept her warm and safe and dry B|  She would've liked to say she loved the man B|  But she didn't like to lie. E|  I said the years had been a friend to her R|  And her eyes was still as blue .|  But in those eyes I wasn't sure if I C|  Saw a doubt of gratitude. O|   M|   [CC
]                         [AmAm
] -|  She said she saw in the record stores T|   [CC
]                    [AmAm
] A|  And that I must be doing well B|   [CC
]                         [AmAm
] N|  I said the audience was heavenly A|             [D7D7
]          [FF
] B|  But the travelling was hell. B|   E|  Refrain: R|  [AmAm
]                      [FF
] .|  We drank a toast to innocence C|       [GG
]              [AmAm
] O|  We drank a toast to now M|  [AmAm
]                               [FF
] -|  We tried to reach beyond the emptiness T|        [GG
] A|  But neither one knew how. B|  [AmAm
]                     [FF
] N|  We drank a toast to innocence A|       [GG
]              [AmAm
] B|  We drank a toast to time. B|  [AmAm
]                   [FF
] E|  Reliving in our eloquence R|     [GG
]               pause .|  Another "auld lang syne." C|   O|   M|       (2nd Verse Chords -|  The beer was empty and our tongues were tired T|  And running out of things to say A|  She gave a kiss to me as I got out B|  And I watched her drive away N|  Just for a moment I was back in school A|  And felt that old familiar pain B|  And as I turned to make my way back home B|                        [Fm7Fm7
]/G [GG
] E|  The snow turned into rain. R|   .|   C|  Outro:     [Cm7Cm7
] Dm6 [Cm7Cm7
] [FF
] [GG
] O|       [CC
] Fm6 [EmEm
]    M|       [FF
] [GG
] [Bb7Bb7
] Cm7
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