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Piano Tab, Acordes

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T|  5|----------------------------------------------------------------|
A|  4|----------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  3|----------------------------------------------------------------|
N|  2|----------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  *You don't just play the notes at the same time, you roll them out,
B|  listen to the song to learn how to play it correctly.
R|  [Eb] [Cm]
.|  I'm caught
C|  [Ab] [Eb]
O|  Somewhere in between
M|  [Eb] [Cm]
-|  Alive
T|  [Ab] [Eb]
A|  And living a dream.
B|  [Eb] [Cm]
N|  No peace
A|  [Ab] [Eb]
B|  Just clicking machines
B|  [Ab] [Eb] [Bb]
E|  In the quiet of compazine
R|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
.|  The walls caved in on me.
O|  ([Eb] [Cm] [Ab] [Eb] )x2
-|  *On the first two chords of this play the notes of the chords
T|  going up. Then play the last two chords notes going down. 
N|  And she sings
A|  [Ab] [Eb]
B|  My bird dressed in white.
B|  [Eb] [Cm]
E|  And she stings
R|  [Ab] [Eb]
.|  My arm in the night.
C|  [Eb] [Cm]
O|  I lay still
M|  [Ab] [Cm]
-|  Still I'm ready to fight.
T|  [Ab]
A|  Have my lungs
B|  [Eb] [Bb]
N|  But you can't take my sight
A|  [Cm] [Ab]
B|  The walls caved in
B|  [Eb]
E|  Tonight.
.|  ([Eb] [Cm] [Ab] [Eb] )x2
O|  [Eb] [Cm]
M|  And out here
-|  [Ab] [Eb] [Eb] [Cm]
T|  I watch the sun circle the earth
A|  [Ab] [Eb] [Eb] [Cm]
B|  The marrows collide in r[Eb]irth
N|  [Ab] [Eb]
A|  In God's glory praise
B|  [Ab] [Eb] [Bb]
B|  The spirit calls out from the caves.
E|  [Cm] [Ab]
R|  The walls fell and there I lay
.|  [Eb]
C|  Saved.
M|  (Piano Solo)
T|  [Ab] [Eb]
A|  The walls are caving in
B|  [Ab] [Eb]
N|  As far as I can see
A|  [Cm]
B|  The walls are caving in
B|  [Ab]
E|  The doors got locked for sure
R|  [Eb] [Bb]
.|  There's no one here but me
O|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
M|  Beat my body like a rag doll
-|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
T|  you stuck the needles in my hip
A|  [Cm]
B|  Said 'we're not gonna lie
N|  [Ab]
A|  Son, you just might die
B|  [Eb]
B|  Get you on that morphine drip, drip'
R|  [Ab] [Eb]
.|  The walls are caving in
C|  [Ab] [Eb]
O|  As far as I can see
M|  [Cm]
-|  The walls are caving in
T|  [Ab]
A|  The doors got locked for sure
B|  [Eb] [Bb]
N|  There's no one here but me
B|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
B|  I fought a war to walk a gang plank
E|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
R|  Into a life I left behind
.|  [Cm]
C|  Windows leading to the past
O|  [Ab]
M|  Think it's time I broke some glass
-|  [Eb] [Bb]
T|  Get this history off my mind
B|  [Ab] [Eb]
N|  And what if we were married forever?
A|  [Bb]
B|  Like the past never happened
B|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
E|  And time did not exist for us at all
R|  [Ab] [Eb]
.|  I still think we'd still be traveling together
C|  [Ab] [Eb]
O|  Through all kinds of weather
M|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
-|  Everything's a piece of everyone
A|  [Ab] [Eb]
B|  As far as I can see
N|  [Cm]
A|  Walls are caving in
B|  [Ab]
B|  Doors got locked for sure
E|  [Eb] [Bb]
R|  But I see these doors have keys
O|  [Ab] [Eb]
M|  The walls are caving in
-|  [Ab] [Eb]
T|  As far as I can see
A|  [Cm]
B|  The walls are caving in
N|  [Ab]
A|  Doors got locked for sure
B|  [Eb] [Bb]
B|  There's no one here but me
E|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
R|  There's no one here but me
.|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
C|  No one here but me, yeah.
O|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
M|  There's no one here but me
-|  [Cm] [Ab] [Eb]
T|  No one here but me 

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